A Note from Hope

August 12, 2009

Thurber House was delighted to host Hope Anita Smith, the 2009 Children’s Writer-in-Residence, in the cozy 3rd Floor Apartment through July. During her stay, Hope visited the zoo, taught classes at the writing camp, and enjoyed several walks to and from the main library. Hope left a few weeks ago, and the Thurber House family misses her sass and smiles.

Here is what Hope had to say about her experience:

“What to say about my experience.  It was absolutely delightful.

“Being the Writer-in-Residence at Thurber House was an amazing experience.  The opportunity to work on my manuscript without the bustle and constant interruptions of everyday life was invaluable, but the true gift was the opportunity to work with children.  I was inspired by their dedication and passion.  I would bring them various poetry workshops and they were always excited to rise to the challenge.  The poems they created moved me.  I would let out an audible breath, place my hand over my heart to keep it from joy dancing right out of my chest and I would smile. Their words were sonorous.  Their enthusiasm contagious.  I had invited them to poetry and they had come, each of them bringing the gift of the words they had written and I am the richer for it.”

Hope plans to be back in the Columbus Area around October.

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